Kingdom Come: Deliverance LUA ScriptBind documentation

This documentation encompasses all LUA functions that are exposed from C++ code. CryEngine has a lot of its functionality exposed to LUA, however KCD was mostly scripted through modular behavioural trees, therefore a lot of KCD-specific functions are not exposed to LUA. There is also a large set of LUA functions written in LUA that can be found in Scripts/..., which can't be found in this documentation.

Moreover, a lot of CryEngine functions might not work correctly when called from LUA, since WH made several changes to the engine. Extra care needs to be taken when calling LUA from MBTs, since they are run on a separate thread. If a thread-unsafe function (such as spawning an entity) is called from MBT's ExecuteLua nodes, they can break stuff (and the error might not be immediately apparent). Anything that can be done via MBT nodes should be done via MBT nodes.

This documentation was generated by an automated tool for generating C++ documentation. The way it was used for LUA resulted in some weird behaviour and broken links. Also the function signatures are slightly broken. When in doubt, use the existing scripts as reference.